Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Conner need a turf field?

To give Conner Student Body more opportunities to participate in Band activities, team sports and additional club activities for a longer period of time and in a safer environment.

What are the cost savings for a turf field?

Conner will save 40% on expenses over 10 years for field turf maintenance over grass field maintenance.

How long of a project does it take to install a turf field?

Once all funds are secure within Conner High School’s Field Fund Account the project to install a turf field will take 3 to 4 months to complete.

Is a turf field safer than a real grass field?

Statistics show a student athlete saves his/her body one full season of sport if played on turf over a 4-year period.  Please refer to turf field statics within the Conner HS Fund the Field website for additional stats.

How long does a turf field last?

Depending upon the amount of turf time used on a weekly basis, a turf field on average last 10 – 12 years.

How would Conner HS replace a 10-12-year-old turf field?

Besides the initial fund raising through this campaign, Conner HS would raise funds through turf field activities over the next 10 years. Conner HS would also maintain a sponsorship program which is currently in plan right now.

When will Conner HS upgrade other areas of the sports facility?

At this moment we are focusing on the turf field because it would benefit more of the student body and be a financial driver for additional projects with the sporting facility.

Who would have access to the turf field?

Conner HS Student Body and the Local community would have access to the turf as well as local organizations through an arrangement with the school.

Who approves the turf field and the vendor chosen to install one?

Boone County Board of Education approved the turf field campaign and the Boone County School Building Director will choose the vendor for the project.

Where is the money placed for raising the turf field?

The money being raised through the turf field campaign will be placed into Conner HS’s field fund account.

How will the money be raised for the turf field?

Through fundraising and donations by the local community, Conner High School Student Body, Local businesses and corporations. Please review our website for additional details on the levels of fundraising and donation support.

What is the timeline for starting the installment of the turf field?

Timeline will be set once all the funds are in place for the turf field project.

How can I give a donation for the turf field and is it a tax write off?

Your donation is a tax write off and you can send your donation to Conner High School, 3310 Cougar Path, Hebron, KY. 41048. *Please note your donation is for the “Fund the Field Campaign”.

How many Conner students will benefit from a turf field?

Currently, just over 200 student-athletes and Conner’s Band members utilize the field on a year basis.  With a turf field the entire student body and the local community will be able to enjoy the turf field.

How many months can a turf field be used?

Access to a turf field doesn’t have to be seasonally anymore nor will weather infractions keep students off the field. Field access to a turf field is year around.

What is the estimated cost for the Conner turf field?

After meeting with several Schools who have turf fields and receiving quotes as well, the turf field will cost anywhere from $615,000 to $690,000. These estimated costs where from results from three (3) turf field providers who are both local and national providers. Anything raised above and beyond the cost of the turf field will go to funding the field maintenance and field resurfacing after 10-12 years of usage.

Who can I contact if I want to help with raising funds for the turf field?

Please email us at or call us at 859-334-4400 ext 45421

Will the Boone County School Board be contributing any funds for this “Fund the Field” cause?

We are very fortunate to have this opportunity as a community on raising funds for the turf field.  Boone County Schools have one of the best school systems in the State, our School Board is focused in the right areas for the future of each and every school within Boone County’s District which is where all of the school funds are allocated toward.  This project however will be all community driven.

How will the community benefit for Conner having a turf field?

Our local community will have the opportunity to give back and will be recognized for their kind donations.  Having a turf field will boost the local economy and improve our real-estate value in the Conner HS district.

How do I donate to this turf fund?

Conner HS will be willing to take check, money order or cash for your donation. Unfortunately, we are not currently set up to take money by credit card.